Monday, September 22, 2008

Atlanta traffic

Atlanta is amazing. Eclectic. What's more, there seem to be small countries within this one state. Decatur, where the hippies live...Buckhead, where the intricate coffee shops with the best lattes served out of the best mugs reside...Martini bars and live music...
Atlanta is alive. And I like it that way.
I love it here. I essentially live here. Although my dogs and my husband live elsewhere. I love having an apartment that is all mine. I read and I write and make bacon, egg and cheese english muffins for dinner and I watch Fox News AND Gossip Girl for hours because I can.
I stay up until 2:00am and listen to the crickets because my mind is racing and full of all of the thoughts that I may have missed if I weren't alone.
I enjoy my mornings whether they include my 4.5 mile jogs or not because I stop at either Starbucks or Caribou and order a medium coffee which for some reason, even in the dead of summer, reminds me of fall.
I LOVE stopping off near the Perimeter area for sushi and wine all by myself and I am seldom happier than when I am at a movie theatre seeing a movie that my beloved hubby would hate.
My solitary life makes

The traffic is enough to drive me to sheer madness. Truly. And so here I sit at work on a Monday evening, awaiting 6:30 when I can drive home without murderous thoughts clouding my brain.


Matt said...

What do you do in Atlanta? It almost seems to congested for me when I was there.

Book Butterfly said...

Oh Holy Crud is waaaayyy too congested. It's a mess. It takes me an hour and a half to get to my job-site and an hour and a half to get home every day.
But there is something about the electricity of big cities. I mean it when I say it feels "alive."
I market apartment communities for a Property Management Group out of Memphis. I hope that answers your question. Or were you inquiring as to what I do for fun in Atlanta?
Thanks Matt!

Matt said...

Well I was inquiring to both. You are one busy blogger! Fun though isn't it? With the current status of the lending crisis I would imagine that rentals/renting is about to skyrocket if it has not already done so.

What DO you do down in Atlanta for fun anyway? I'm going to go check out your latest entries. BTW tell Noel to get a Myspace or blog....SOMETHING!

Book Butterfly said...

You would think that our industry would be the one thing skyrocketing when in fact, I think we're just surviving...maintaining. Didn't affect us horribly one way or the other. No matter what, money is tough to come by and people seem frozen. Either that, or their credit has been shot. It's awful.

Yeah-Love blogging. It's like an online release for me.

I do very little in Atlanta aside from the occasional sushi restaurant and cupcake bar. I read a lot and work a ton!

LOVE how you're following the election!!!

I'll tell Noel...Can't seem to convert him!

Hope to see you sometime over the holidays.