Monday, September 22, 2008

Golden Los Angeles

My husband and I flew to LA this weekend to see my best friend from high school. I seem to have a life hangover. One of those headaches from realizing that you have been living in the wrong place for 28 years. How disturbing. When I reflect on the trip, I picture LA, Venice Beach, Malibu, Beverly Hills, etc...
All of them to me seem golden. As if shimmery, muted lights reflect off the windows and store fronts and everyone seems to be smiling even if they're not.
It is not my intention to blog about my vacations but rather about books, novels, novellas, short stories, magazine articles. As an avid reader, I have always wished to read book reviews written by real people and not writers that only wish to impress you with their ever-expanding vocabulary. Chances are...they desire to be writers as well.
Anyway...I am too exhausted from my trip to blog on this day about the novel (s) I am currently immersed in. But I will return later.
I wish to tell you all about my trip and all about my books.
If there is anything that anyone out there wishes me to read and/or review, let me know. Chances are that I would love to...

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