Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Songs Without Words: Ann Packer

Good. That's about it. It was good. To sum it up:
It is the story of a friendship between Liz,a suburbanite mother of two and her bohemian best friend Sarabeth. When Lauren, one of Liz's children commits a desperate act, it challenges the friendship that at one time would have helped them through said difficult time.
Like I said, it was good.
I identified with Lauren (the daughter who commits the tragic climax of the novel)...probably because I always identify with dark, masochistic, suicidal characters. However, Lauren, to me, was the only true exciting character in the novel.
Liz was sad and superior in a way...and sort of boring. Sarabeth was emotional and her actions were either troubled or supremely unrealistic. (This is my opinion...doesn't mean that you will feel this way)

But, I did read it all rather quickly. It was well-written. There was a line in the book that I found fantastic: "Sad but with toys."
If you read this book, you will understand how gorgeous and true this statement really is.

When all is said and done: Sort of blah, sort of pretty.
Worth the read? Depends on whether or not you find a pretty basic friendship and an even MORE BASIC plot, interesting.

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