Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For those of you nervous about having children...

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could give birth to dogs? How great would this be?!
Imagine the element of excitement!

Conversation between friends:

"So, are you going to find out what you're having?"

"We did! We're having a dachsund! It's a boy!"

Imagine if you didn't find out:

Doctor to new pet owner:

"Congratulations! It's a Corgi!"

Pet mother to Pet Father:

"I had a feeling with your long torso and my short legs..."

And imagine the conversations between catty women regarding the pet pregancies of their friends:

"I totally knew she would have a great dane. Look at how BIG she is. Seriously."

Just think how much it would change EVERYTHING. So when you're fearful that if you DON'T have children you may never truly know the sheer joy of creating something with your loved one, you could! And your responsibility would still be that of a pet parent. (Note: I am very aware that the responsibilties of a pet parent are large. I am one. No, I did not give birth to one, but I did adopt two. I take my pet parenting very seriously. However, while I can leave Bill and Lily for a few hours with nothing but Animal Planet, I would not be able to leave my six year old and 2 year old children.)

Still planning on them (children)...yes, I am. I just get so nervous about it. Giving yourself over, even if it's willingly...doesn't it seem frightening? Maybe miraculous, but also scary?

For now, I do love my dogs. Even if I didn't give birth to them.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw your post and found your blog. Beautiful kids!! And yes, corgis ARE the best!!